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An El Salvadoran client came to us after the appeal of a removal order filed by a different law firm was denied.  Our client was not represented by an attorney at her hearing before the Immigration Judge and the Immigration Judge issued a removal order against her.  Our client hired an attorney to file an appeal of the Immigration Judge’s decision.  When that appeal was denied, she came to our firm for help.  Attorney Weronika Costas prepared a compelling and well-documented Motion to Reopen and filed it with the Board of Immigration Appeals.  While the Motion to Reopen was pending, our firm filed for and got an Employment Authorization (work permit) granted for our client.  In less than 3 months, the BIA granted our client’s Motion to Reopen.  Now, she no longer has a final order of removal and will have the opportunity to apply for asylum before the Immigration Judge.  She also no longer has to report to ICE, which had been causing her a lot of stress and worry.

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