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Attorney Weronika Costas saved a client from deportation this week. The client came to the U.S. years ago as a refugee, obtained a green card, but never applied for citizenship. He was put in deportation proceedings based on a criminal conviction relating to misuse of food stamps. The Immigration Judge agreed with Ms. Costas’ legal arguments that this conviction is not an “aggravated felony” as defined by immigration laws, and terminated deportation proceedings. The client was released from immigration custody today and gets to keep his green card.IMMIGRANT VISA AND 601A WAIVER APPROVED

Congratulations to our client for the approval of his immigrant visa (spouse petition) and 601A Waiver. Client traveled to Mexico for his interview and now he is back as a Legal Permanent Resident (green card). Client stayed in Mexico for less than 10 days and did not have any issues at the interview or at his entry.

Attorney Weronika Costas continues to have 100% success rate with cases of spouse petitions with 601 A Waiver – congrats to her as well!

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